DIY Masonry Tips: Fire Pit Edition

We love spending time outdoors — and on cool nights, there are few things better than spending time with friends and family next to the warmth of a fire pit. Whether you’re sharing a few laughs or roasting some marshmallows, a fire pit can be a wonderful and beautiful addition to your home. If you are thinking of embracing your creative side and building your own fire pit, here are a few DIY masonry tips to keep in mind.

DIY Masonry Tips:

  • Find a flat, level area. You want to make sure that you plan to have your firepit on a flat, level area. It should be at least 25 feet from your home and any trees.
  • Purchase the stone and cement. Measure the area that you want your fire pit to be — and then decide on the type of stone that you would like to use. Get creative with the type of bricks or stones that you want to use in your fire pit design. Then, schedule to have these products picked up or delivered to your home (pro tip: we offer both).
  • Build the foundation. You will want to build a strong foundation for your stones to sit upon. Create a marked out area in your yard. Then, create a separate marketed out area inside of this circle. You will want to fill the outer section of the circle with concrete — the inner section will remain free of concrete for drainage purposes.
  • Lay your brick. After your foundation is built, it is time to lay down your stone work. Mix mortar and then shovel two inches of it for a base. Work in small section and lay your stones on the mortar.
  • Build an inner fire brick wall. You will want to build a fire brick wall inside of the stone. Lay each brick and fill the gaps with wet mortar. Scrape away any excess.
  • Add the finishing touches. Now that the structure is complete, brush away any loose debris and spray it down with a hose — and then spray the interior of the fire brick with black stove paint. Lastly, fill the base with a layer of river rocks.

If you live in Fairfield County, trust Devine Bros. with all of your masonry and landscaping supply needs. We carry everything that you need to create a beautiful fire pit — and all products are available for pick up or delivery. If you live in Norwalk, Westport, New Canaan, or the surrounding area, contact us today at 203-866-4421!


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