6 Types of Concrete Mix

Walking the aisles of the hardware store can be overwhelming. There are countless products, all with multiple uses — and the workers aren’t always the most helpful. When choosing concrete, it’s important to know what type of products work and won’t work for the job you’re trying to do.



A simple regular concrete mix is ideal for most general concrete work.

Common Uses:

Applications include: setting posts, as well as building sidewalks, steps, patios, floors, downspout troughs, and more.



Lightweight concrete mix will actually provide you with more cubic footage than regular concrete.

Common Uses:

This type of concrete is ideal for pouring slabs, walkways, steps, and more.

Sand Mix


Sand mix concrete is a mixture of Portland cement and graded sand.

Common Uses:

Sand mix concrete can be used when less than 2 inches of thickness is required. It’s ideal for patching chipped concrete surfaces and can be used for laying flagstone and paving bricks. It may also be used as grout.

Fiber Reinforced


Fiber reinforced concrete mix is designed to reduce the cracking, chipping, and flaking that can occur in concrete. This type of concrete actually contains much more cement and hundreds of small fibers, which gives it more strength and resistance than some of the alternatives. In many cases, you won’t need to utilize wire mesh when using Fiber Reinforced concrete mix.

Common Uses:

Fiber reinforced concrete mix is commonly used for patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

Gravel Mix Fiber-Reinforced


Gravel mix fiber-reinforced concrete is stronger than sand mixes.

Common Uses:

This type of concrete is commonly used when you need to create more than two inches of thickness.



Anchoring concrete mix is two and a half times stronger than typical concrete. It contains epoxy, so it can actually adhere to other concrete.

Common Uses:

Many homeowners choose anchoring concrete mix to attach railings, gates, chains, and more to existing concrete or blocks.

Here at Devine Bros., we manufacture all types of concrete. So rather than spending hours in the hardware store trying to decide on what you need, let us design and mix a custom aggregate in order to meet your exact specifications.

There’s a reason Devine Bros. concrete mixes are preferred. To learn more contact us today at 203-866-4421.



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