6 Home Hacks to Lower Your Winter Energy Bill

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Connecticut homeowners face a choice each winter: freeze, or hand over a small fortune to their energy provider. Not anymore! Follow these six home heating hacks from Devine Bros., and you will stay cozy all winter long without breaking the bank:


1. Dial down the thermostat. It’s no secret that turning down the thermostat can save you energy, but you may be surprised by how much. Just two degrees can cut your heating bill by up to 10%, all while having minimal effect on your comfort.


2. Seal drafty windows and doors. Drafty areas provide an easy path for warm air to escape your home, and cold air to enter it. Most air leaks can be sealed using a caulking gun or weatherstripping.


3. Check your humidity levels. Dry winter air can make the temperature feel colder than it actually is. Investing a portable humidifier can make your home feel more comfortable without spiking your heating bill.


4. Switch your ceiling fan blades. Most ceiling fans can spin in either direction. During the winter months, set your blades to rotate clockwise to push warm air down into the room.


5. Utilize alternative heat sources. Your furnace isn’t the only source of heat in your home. Some other (free) ways to add warmth include:

  • Keeping your curtains open during the daytime.
  • Opening your oven door after cooking.
  • Opening your bathroom door after a hot shower.


6. Maintain your heating system. A little bit of maintenance can go a long way for your furnace’s energy efficiency. For best results, homeowners should replace their air filters every month and schedule one professional tune-up per year.


Devine Bros. offers professional home heating services to Fairfield County, Connecticut. Some of our services include heating oil delivery, furnace installations, repairs, and tune-ups. If you live in Norwalk, Westport, or New Canaan, give us a call at (203) 866-4421.


Why Can’t I Heat My Home Evenly?


Are you experiencing hot and cold areas in your home? While a properly-functioning furnace should provide a consistent temperature throughout the entire house, this is not always the case.

There are many reasons as to why your heating system may fail to heat your home evenly. In some cases, the problem may have nothing to do with the heater itself:


  • Air Leaks. Air leaks can come from many places in the home, including your windows, doors, electrical outlets, walls, and ceilings. If your home utilizes a forced-air heating system, your ductwork may even be leaking hot air out. A professional energy audit is the best way to determine whether or not your home’s insulation levels are sufficient and your ducts are properly sealed.


  • Improperly-sized furnace. Every furnace has a maximum heating capacity measured in BTUs. The size you need for your home depends on a variety of factors, such as square footage, climate, insulation levels, number of windows, and ceiling height. Unfortunately, there is no “quick fix” if your furnace is incorrectly sized.


  • Malfunctioning equipment. If you have sufficient insulation, and your furnace is correctly sized, it’s likely just a matter of faulty equipment. Heating systems require many internal parts to work together; if just one of these components malfunctions, your whole home may suffer the consequences.

If you are experiencing uneven heat in your Fairfield County home, call the heating experts at Devine Bros. We offer furnace installations and repairs to all of Norwalk, Westport,New Canaan, and the surrounding area. Visit our website to learn more, or call (203) 866-4421.

5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Heating System




Every Connecticut homeowner has a heating system keeping their house warm, but how much attention do you pay to it? Here are five pieces of information that everyone should know, courtesy of the home heating experts at Devine Bros.


  • If it smells like gas, shut it off fast! Heating equipment can emit many scents, but if it smells like gas, you could be in serious danger. Turn off your furnace ASAP, evacuate your home immediately, and contact your gas company so they can inspect for a leak.


  • Heating equipment produces carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas which can be fatal in high doses. Keep your family safe by installing carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, and having your heating system professionally inspected at the start of the season.


  • Staying warm doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of things you can do around the house to trim energy usage this winter. For example, every degree you turn down the thermostat can save you 5% on your heating bill. For more money-saving tips and ideas, click here.


  • When it comes to home heating, you have options. Modern day homeowners have a plethora of options when it comes to heating their homes: including forced-air systems, radiators, baseboard heaters, heat pumps, and more. They can also choose their fuel type, whether that be heating oil, natural gas, electricity, or bioheat.


  • Like your car, your heating system needs maintenance. If you want to get the most out of your heating system, annual maintenance is imperative. A professional tune-up can help lower energy consumption, improve heating capacity, and prevent future breakdowns.

Homeowners in Fairfield County, Connecticut can count on the HVAC professionals at Devine Bros. to keep them warm this winter. We offer a variety of home heating services, including furnace installations, repairs, tune-ups, and heating oil delivery. If you live in Norwalk, Westport, or New Canaan, call us today at (203) 866-4421.

Winter Safety Tips for Your Home Heating Equipment


Close Up Of Hand Testing Domestic Smoke Alarm

Our home heating equipment keeps us warm during the frigid winter months, but it can become a fire hazard if not properly cared for. Follow these five tips from Devine Bros. to keep warm and safe this winter:

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are critical home safety devices, especially during the cold months. At the very least, you should have one of each detector installed on every floor and in every bedroom. Test the batteries of each detector at least once per month to ensure they are working.

Have your furnace professionally inspected.

As your furnace converts fuel into heat, it produces carbon monoxide – a poisonous gas that happens to be colorless and odorless. Usually, this gas is safely vented to the outside, but if there is a blockage, you could be in big trouble. A professional inspection is the best way to ensure your heating system is working properly.

Keep a safety zone around your heating equipment.

Always maintain a three-foot “safety zone” around all of your heating equipment – including furnaces, radiators, space heaters, and fireplaces. Keep this area clear of any flammable materials, water, children, and pets.

Hire a professional chimney sweep service.

Every year, more than 25,000 residential fires occur due to poor chimney maintenance. More times than not, this is caused by a buildup of flammable creosote on the inside of the chimney walls. A professional chimney sweeping service will remove this creosote and eliminate the fire hazard it causes.

Beware of portable space heaters.

Portable space heaters are a good source of supplemental heat, but they can be very dangerous. Purchase a space heater with an automatic shut-off safety switch, and make sure to keep it on a flat, dry surface. Never leave a space heater running unattended.

Devine Bros. offers professional fuel delivery and home heating services to Fairfield County, Connecticut. If you live in Norwalk, Westport, New Canaan, or the surrounding area, give us a call at (203) 866-4421.