6 Tips for Mowing Your Lawn


Mowing your lawn isn’t as simple as mowing your lawn. Believe it or not, there is a science behind cutting your grass – if you want a healthy, green lawn anyways. Follow these six tips next time you mow to make your yard the talk of the neighborhood.

Don’t Cut it Close

Many people prefer to cut their lawns shorter so they don’t have to mow it as often. Truth is, cutting it too low will leave it vulnerable to diseases and weed infestation. Keep your grass at 2-3 inches for best results.

High & Dry

Cutting your grass while it is dry is just as important as keeping it at the right height. Cutting wet grass can result in an uneven cut, or even worse – wheel ruts.

Stay Sharp

A sharp blade cuts grass cleanly, while a dull blade tears it and creates an uneven edge. It is recommended to sharpen your mower blades at least twice per year.

Take Your Time

Haste makes waste, especially when it comes to your lawn. Running with the mower can cause uneven shearing and leaves behind clumps of clippings.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

The best time to mow your lawn is mid-morning, just after the dew has dried. If you can’t mow at this time, wait until the late afternoon. Avoid mowing in the early morning or evening.

Bag the Bag

Don’t bag your clippings after mowing – let them lay on your lawn instead. Known as grasscycling, these clippings provide your grass with extra nutrients to help keep it green and lush.

For more advice on mowing your lawn, check out this article from DIY Network.

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