Winter HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Winter Maintenance

It is a good idea to do some basic maintenance around your house in order to prepare for winter. Just like putting snow tires on your car, there are some things you can do to prep your HVAC system for the cold weather.

Here is a simple winter HVAC maintenance checklist to help you out, courtesy of the heating experts at Devine Bros.

☐ Clean or replace the air filter in your heating system every 30-60 days. Check your owner’s manual for instructions specific to your unit.

☐ Set the blades on your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise. This will prevent heat from gathering at the ceiling by pushing it back down into the room.

☐ Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This is especially important in the colder months, when you are at your greatest risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

☐ Call a professional chimney service to inspect your fireplace and chimney, and clean it if needed.

☐ Seal any air leaks coming from windows and doors using caulking or weatherstripping.

☐ Make sure you have sufficient insulation in order to avoid excessive heat loss.

☐ Invest in a humidifier. Keeping your humidity levels in check during the cold months can improve your comfort and make your home feel warmer.

☐ Insulate your pipes to prevent them from freezing.

☐ Schedule a furnace tune-up with a local HVAC service. A professional tune-up can improve energy efficiency and prevent future breakdowns.

Devine Bros. provides a variety of home heating solutions to Fairfield County, Connecticut. Some of our services include oil and propane delivery, heating system installations, and furnace repairs and tune ups. If you live in Norwalk, Westport, New Canaan, or the surrounding area, call us today at (203) 866-4421.


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